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BHH Naturist Resort is spacious, private and secluded, and a perfect setting for a Naturist Holiday.

Stay in Costa Calma, Fuerteventura to be surrounded by a natural paradise and some of the best naturist beaches in the Canary Islands.  Costa Calma naturist beach is ideal for first timers because there are many rocks and plants to hide behind for privacy.  

Maybe its the sun, the holiday atmosphere, the proximity to the Sahara, the unbeatable scenery, who knows? Naturist holidays in Fuerteventura are becoming more popular, and increasingly common.

A word to the wise about Spanish Beaches and Nudity. All the public beaches in Spain are free to use, and by law are also clothing optional. (The right to be naked in any public place in Spain is a part of the human rights of every person in Spain. This includes: publicly owned beaches, rivers, forests, lakes, even streets and town squares!)

Most nudists/naturists will be found at one end of the public beaches, or to avoid distressing delicate non-nudists will choose one of the many secluded coves for sun bathing. So, do not be surprised if you see full nudity on any beach, as the braver nudists will not hesitate to sunbathe wherever they wish. There are many beaches, which have become accepted as nudist, and it is normal for naturists to use these beaches rather than upsetting the prudish textiles.

If someone complains to the police about your nudity, you will be safe from prosecution unless you are committing an indecent act, the police themselves are liable to civil action should they stop a person nude sunbathing!

Nudism is the social culture of life, without clothes, and so in other public and private places. It is the way of life in harmony and the state of nature. Characterised by common nudity, naturism is to promote self-respect, respect for others and respect for nature and the environment.

Naturism began in the 20th Century in Germany and France as a reaction to Victorian morality and industrialization. The Canary Islands have always been at the forefront of the nudist revolution in Spain. Indeed one of Spain’s first naturist villages,  on Lanzarote, was built some thirty odd years ago.

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