Everything you need to know about naturist etiquette…

If you are new to naturism and nudism, there are some things you should know about naturist etiquette. Just like in the textile world, there are some rules you need to follow before deciding to go about your day/evening in a Naturist environment.

Actually, no one is looking at your body. This is about YOU as a person, which is not defined by what you look like. Naturism is one of the best ways to become more confident! It is safe, legal and healthy. Naturism instils the true values of body acceptance and shows us that nakedness is nothing to be ashamed of.

Not at all. Naturism is perfectly legal and the law is on your side.

Being nude with others is not embarassing.  Nudism is not porn. In fact, its easy to forget that everyone is naked…and just because they are, does not make for a sexually charged atmosphere either!

That is not a problem. There is no pressure to undress so it’s a great way to try. Many people have been apprehensive undressing on their first time, but once they’ve done it wonder what the big problem was in the first place.

Towels are a MUST to have. There are various sizes and types of towels you can use to sit on for hygienic reasons. Where ever you go, if you are going to sit anywhere you should sit on your towel. Especially if you are going to go to someone’s house or visiting a resort. You will be required to sit on your towel regardless if you just had a fresh shower.

If you are going in to a swimming pool, hot tub or Jacuzzi, etc — do shower yourself down before stepping in one. This helps to make sure you are clean of anything that can make the water dirty from for example… earth(dirt), grass, oils, sunscreen, lotion, deodorants, sweat etc. Their not asking you to shower down because you yourself are dirty… but it helps keep the water much cleaner longer.

I think the majority of all nude recreation activities will not allow you to bring or use a camera because it’s not polite to just go around snapping photos. Many people do not want to be in your photo album. If you are going to take a photo it’s best you make sure that everyone that is in the shot, you have their permission, or you might just see yourself kicked out of where ever you are and this could also hinder your standing with the club, resort or federation outings in the future.

“Hey my eyes are up here!” It is very rude to stare and moreover, if you are gonna have a conversation with someone make sure you are talking to them with proper eye contact. If your going to an event or beach for a thrill… you might as well buy a magazine and do us all a favor and stay home. Also, it’s very rude to be talking about other peoples bodies. Avoid it and talk about something safer like food, weather, etc.

Yes, we’re nudists but not stupid. At Naturist resorts, sometimes clothes are allowed when its cold out or if the weather isn’t in our favor. however, lingerie is not considered appropriate attire under any of these circumstances nor is walking around in your underwear.

Any sexual activity in a public setting is not only offensive .. it is illegal. Nobody wants to see that. However, holding hands, a hug or simple kissing is fine. If you want to show extra affection with someone you love, I suggest you get a room or wait till your back home to do so.

Yes, they can happen. especially if you are new to nudism. The best way to deal with this is to either turn over on your towel or if you are at a beach, you can stay in the water until your situation comes more under control. However if you see someone with an obvious erection and is purposely drawing attention,  let a lifeguard or authorities know about this and in most cases, they will be kicked out and banned from coming back again.

When you are at a nude beach, just because you are allowed to be naked does not mean that the facilities are accessible in the nude, so keep your clothes close or wrap yourself with your towel when visiting the beach cafe for example.

It does not take verbal language to be able to know what you are not saying. Body language can sometimes speak louder than words. You don’t want to be sitting like the barn doors are wide open. Sit properly and keep your legs together. We all know you have one. Nobody wants to see your legs spread open wide.

Body jewellery and tasteful piercings are acceptable provided they are not worn in a sexual context.

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